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For the Lord shall be thy confidence... Prov. 3:26

From the Director

My Passion

I love children around me, I love to watch them grow into independent unique individuals

I love to help them meet challenges, learn new things and discover new facets of the world around them.

I love to help them overcome their fears and discover their creativity and intellect.

I love to soothe bumped knees and hurt feelings.
I love to teach them about life and community and get them started on their life-long path of learning and growth- the kind of growth that is inevitable.

When it dropped in my spirit to go into CHILD CARE, I knew it was God’s way of saying, I should pour out my heart on children.

I hope that as I do this, I will also learn about myself and discover new strength and abilities I never knew I possess.

I hope to be rewarded by the joy of CHILDREN’S LAUGHTER.